A cafeteria more healthy ?

Lea Karren

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Obesity, its a very important problem in all the High School in Texas and in United States. In Texas, more than 20% student in High School are reached by the obesity. A study made by MedMD show that the Texas in on the top 10 of the percentage of obesity people. The reason why the obesity occurs genetically, sedentary lifestyle and for the most of the population its the food intake and eating disorders. So, how the cafeteria reduce the problem of Obesity for the student ?

Everyday, during the lunch, the student have 3 different choose for their lunch; a concession where you can found chips, candy, ice cream, cookies and 2 others where you can found burger, tacos, some vegetable. This 3 different places look likes fast food and not real lunch with balanced meal because everyday the student choose the burger or want a cookies for their dessert, very not healthy for their.  Personally, the writer thinks the cafeteria need more different kind of meal like more vegetable and reduce the kind of fast food.

In most of the French High School on Friday you don’t have the choose and you must it fish with vegetable. It’s a pretty good and interesting because this forces the student eat more healthy and reduce the fast food for the day. This writers opinion a created like a healthy day at the cafeteria no cookies, no soda, no burger only meat, vegetable and fish for educated the student in the High School to eat more healthy.