fashion trends


Fashion has been around for about 5000 years. There are many different fashion trends that people here follow. I think of fashion as a way people represent and express themselves. Well, students here at the High School have a unique way of doing that. Girls here go vintage, casual, sport and artsy shopping which expresses they way they feel when they are wearing that type of clothes. When a girl or boy dress the way they want they feel, walk and act more mature or like they are in a fashion runway. The way you dress has a lot to say about who you are and what you are feeling like. For example lets say you are wearing a dress, high heels and some jewelry. How will you feel? like a model? pretty? Now lets say you are wearing some oversized jacket, some sweats and your hair is not looking so good. How will you feel? depressed? like everyone is looking at you because you are not looking so good? yes, maybe. Everything you wear and how you wear something is very important because not only does it make you feel good but you will do your best on everything like a job interview or a test at school. How do u feel with the clothes you have on right now?