Jourdanton dress code agree or disagree ?

Lea Karren

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The dress code is always a sensitive subject because nobody said really the reason why there are agree or disagree, most of the people for my first day at the School said me “this dress code is bad, I don’t like” and that’s it, is not really a constructive response for define its a good think or a bad think. I’m sharing about if the dress is good or not good because if the people vote for this dress code it’s for a good reason.

I agree with this dress code because I think the staff who read the dress code do that’s for a good reason and for protect the student in this High School. I think the rules number 3: “Tights, yoga pants, leggings/ jeggings and similar garments may only be worn with a top that meets the 4” above the knee requirement”, its a good decision for protect the girls of the boys eyes. Also I agree with the article who said ” Students will not wear outlandish hairstyles, sidewalls, skid marks, or shaved styles with designs while attending J.I.S.D.” because this hairstyle is very ugly and very not appropriate for the school. The very good point in the dress and I have the similitude with my French High School its not wearing a hats or caps  inside the school its like a respect mark to the teacher, the staff an the leader in the High School. Also, cant not wearing a tank is good especially for the girls because some tanks are very to open, so its very not appropriate for the school. When you are in holidays its fine but we are at the school. And no tattoo apparent its a good idea for when you start to work or when you found a job, the rule is the same, so its perfect for this to confront the future life.

But I also disagree for some rules looks like very too strict and maybe can become more flexible. The first one is you can not wearing like regular sport short , for me this rules is very to strict because the sport short its different than a legging, we don’t see the shape of the top of your legs like a legging. Also you don’t can color your hair, I think this  rule is too more close of you private environment because your hairstyle its your personality and If you feel good for change your color, you can change and the school can’t take a decision for you because you must feel good about yourself.

To conclude, I think the dress code I just for protect all the student in this High School and for me its a good thinks.