The pop culture in JHS

Lea Karren

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In Jourdanton High School the pop culture is different then other High School in the area. Each High School has them pop culture. So what is the pop culture in JHS ?

The pop culture in JHS is very various. Some people like that or other people doesn’t like that. For the song culture most of the student like the country song because we are in Texas. They like Brett Young or Luke Bryan. The student listen this song when they are in group or heart it during game. Also, the rap song is listen but not everybody listen it. Most of my friends listen rap singers like Drake with ” in my feeling”, Post Malone or Cardi B with “I like it”. Their song are very famous and you heart it during the football game, during the volleyballs warm up or at the radio.

But the pop culture very famous in JHS is the TV shows everybody waiting for the new season of Stranger Things, he is he second most famous tv show in Texas before it is Game of Thrones he king 140 million dollar this year. But most of my friends watch Riverdale or  Vampires Diaries on Netflix. And some people, a minority of them watch Gray Anatomy on ABC.

Also, the pop culture in clothing styles is very similar for everybody in JHS. The dress code fact that everybody look the same. Most of the boys and girls wearing large or skinny jeans with a belt. And for the top just a classic t-shirt or a shirt and for the shoes; boots or tennis shoes like New Balance, Convers or Nike.

The most pop culture that we find in JHS is part of viral video on the social media is the baby shark challenge same the Jourdanton band played this song during the football game. But also, the viral video of the Kiki challenge with the Drake song; ” in my feeling” is very famous.

To conclude, the pop culture in JHS is only at JHS but we can found similitary with other High School.