Kodak Black – ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset)

Wayde Jimenez, Staff Writer

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ZEZE is a single that was dropped by Kodak Black and featured Travis Scott and Offset. ZEZE was released to the public on 10/12/18, and quickly garnered trend status. After the weeks after it deployed, it was in the top charts of nearly every country in the world.

ZEZE has been making its rounds in out high school, being played by the football team, and being played during pep rallies. The groups of kids that listen to ZEZE are student athletes and “cool” kids. You can listen to ZEZE just about anywhere in Jourdanton. It’s played at: sporting events, stores, restaurants, and at school events such as pep rallies. You can buy the single on any online marketplace or at any store in Jourdanton. I love this trend because one of my favorite artists is Kodak Black, and ZEZE is definitely a decent song.