Esmeralda Gonzales #1 in Cross Country team

lea karren

Esmeralda Gonzales (10) one of the 5 girls to represent the High School during the Cross Country meeting every year. Esmeralda live at Jourdanton with her parents and these two brothers and five sisters. In the family Gonzalez on running of father in girl. The Esmeralda’s uncle called Andy Gonzales, holds the miles record in track. Esmeralda start running in Cross Country meeting at the age of 13 years old at Jourdanton School.

The Cross Country team is manage by Coach Brashear, she is also the Tennis coach in the High School. For Esmeralda she is ” the best coach, she push us for limit and want the success in running”. In the team is composed of the boys team and girls team, for Esmeralda the chemistry between the boys and the girls is perfect particular with one boy in a team Gabrielle Paz (10): “very good partner and helpful during the running”. This years the Cross Country boys and girls team has arrived are coming to the foot of the podium and district in Lytle and Esmeralda has arrived at the 15 place. The best running time for her this year is 14:35 for 2 miles.

For Esmeralda the best memories and the more funny is after the district this year ” we got off the bus and broke it out last time” and another one about the Coach Brashear: ” when everyone placed at Dilley’s meet Coach Brashear chewing us out”. But the most horrible thing for Esmeralda is before each running she has panic attaque but she takes this to the fun.

The most important for Esmeralda when she run is “to make you school proud” and “proud to wear the jersey’s high school during the running”. The Cross country is finish for this year so you can come watch Esmeralda at the JV basketball game and for the end of the season see her at the track season.

Jourdanton’s Esmeralda Gonzales with her 10th place medal credit by pleasanton express, 2018.