Football Captain: Miguel Galindo

Alana Gallegos

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Miguel Galindo(12) is one out of four captains on the football team. Galindo tell us what it is like and what the duties are to being a captain of the football team. He tell us on how it impacts him in life and how great it is to be a role model to the football team.

Galindo has been captain of the football for one year and is already a role model to the under and upper classman football team. But how did he become captain and why? Well, it starts with the trust of the football team. You become captain because the team choses you, knowing how hard working and dedicated you are to them, and knowing that you will never give up on them. Galindo is so thankful that he is captain because he likes to know that the team looks up to him. He said to be a captain you have to set a great example, you have to be a role model and lead the team.

Galindo says that being captain is very stressful, he said its like have the weight of the world on your shoulders. But to this there is great successes, and with success comes with an accomplishment for you and the team. Miguel Galindo is a great team captain to the football team and an outstanding role model.