Throwback Day!

Wayde Jimenez, Staff Writer

Spirit week has been a tradition at Jourdanton ISD for over 5 years. This week has been no different, with many students from all campuses participating in this week-long event that progresses from September 17th through September 21st.

Thursday was Throwback Day, which prompted students to dress up in their best “old” attire. Many students wore 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s clothing. Throwback day was definitely a blast from the past, showing how much fashion and trends have changed since our parents were in school.

Many students wore their favorite character’s look from an aged show, such as Seinfeld and Friends. It was an interesting day to see what students were dressing up as.

Throwback day was a success on behalf of the staff that decides what happens during spirit week. Hopefully we can have Throwback day next year, and for the years to come!