Jourdanton vs Dilley

Christopher Benavidez

On 9/7/18 the Jourdanton Indians traveled to Dilley Texas to play Dilley wolves. In the forecast it was said that it was gonna pour down rain and thunder storms.

As the Jourdanton Indians arrive at Dilley it begins to drizzle, but stops shortly after, so no worries. So the Indians get dressed into uniform and start to warm up getting ready to beat the dilley wolves for their parents night.

Now that the Indians are done warming up its time to run through the tunnel. Once they run through the tunnel they get to sideline and prepare to kick off. as soon as Jarel Lilly (10) is about to kick the refs blows the whistle to stop the game.

There is lightning in the radius of the game so the Jourdanton Indians go inside the locker room to try to sit out thew storm. But no luck it starts to pour down rain and lighting still strikes. After about an hour or so of waiting they make the decision to cancel the game and reschedule it for the next day.