Wayde Jimenez

Christopher Benavidez, staff writer

Wayde Francisco Jimenez was born on August 14, 2002 he is currently 16 years of age. He lives with his mother Rachel Ann Jimenez and his father Alex Jimenez . His current address is in Pleasanton, Texas. He has lived there for about three weeks as of today.

Jimenez is in the 11th grade and is best at the subject English. he wishes he would have done aquatic science which sadly he says he has not don’t yet. He was in band for four years but since all of the band staff had left to a new school and new staff came in he decided he wanted to quit for Jimenez does not like change.

Jimenez is in athletics and he plays football. His position is defensive end and he is third string behind two other people. He has been playing football for two years this year will be his third he started playing his 8th grade year. This year he decided he wanted to be in journalism as an elective.

Jimenez thinks that the administration staff work very hard and is very good at what they do for the school. he was asked about what he thinks about the dress code and he said, “the dress code is unacceptable, Mrs. Parsons can you please remove the dress code”. then he was asked about the rules about cell phones and he said, “cell phones are acceptable because you can watch ABCmouse.com”.

This year for Christmas he didn’t ask for to much. All he wants is to spend time with his family and see some smiles on their faces as they open their gifts and see the gifts they wanted to get. Even though he does enjoy receiving gifts he says he rather not that Christmas is about giving. Jimenez says he cannot wait for New Years “New Year, new me” he says. Hes gonna start the yer off on the right foot and make the right decisions in school and outside of school.