The Final Days As A Senior

Gabriella Perez, Staff Writer

For a senior who has been going to school for about 12 years now, the thought of becoming grown up and exiting a place that we are so used to is something that worries and scares us. Right now we are currently sitting at an estimate of 4 days. As a student, we want what’s best for each other, whether that means not getting to see some of our classmates ever again or meeting up with some in the future, we are all going to go our own seperate ways.

Military, college, trade schools, and jobs; no matter where we are going, we are always going to have a faint memory of high school and of the friends we had and shared. We are always going to remember the good times and the bad times because we were all there for each other through thick and thin.

To be honest: it’s kinda sad knowing that we will all go our own seperate ways and probably never see each other again. To some, this is our home town, so leaving it is like having to move to a whole new country and having to go to school there.

Some of us think that the friends that we have right now are always going to be there for us, but the reality and truth to that is; everyone will outgrow each other. Whether or not we want to accept that fact is entirely up to us. The bright side is that we are going on to bigger and better things to improve our education and knowledge.

Everyone says that high school is the best four years and it really is because it helps you grow, mature and become a better person in general.

P.S. It makes me sad knowing that this is my last ever story for school. :'(