Taekwondo NOT Karate

fernando jasso .jr, staff writer

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Many students in our school past or present have joined the Tri-City Martial Arts school or TCMA school at 118 S Main St, Pleasanton,TX.

Friends or not theses students are trained to defend themselves in combat as a form of self-defense.

The Teacher, Manager, and Leader of the classes is Mr. Peter Bonnin, he is a second degree black belt and is still in teaching and training today.

He is very patient and polite which is what they say in their school to be a “Black Belt Attitude”.

Having a “Black Belt Attitude” doesn’t necessarily mean the student has a black belt but that he is responsible and careful with his skill level.

The TCMA family has had many students come and go but they will always make a huge impact on the lives of their students whether past, present, or future.