Bench Press To Impress!!

Gabriella Perez, Staff Writer

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With the season just starting up, the girl’s powerlifting team had their first meet on January 11th at Texas Strength Systems.

The girls consisted of Rakel Aguero (12th), Mariah Oliva (12th), Bailey Luckman (12th), Taylor Rankin (12th) and Kyleigh Bosquez (9th).

Taking a win were the following Rakel Aguero who placed first, Mariah Oliva who placed third, Bailey Luckman who placed fourth and Kyleigh Bosquez in their weight class.

Though it’s just the beginning, they already set a good goal for this year’s powerlifting season amongst themselves.

The girl’s next powerlifting meet will be on Thursday, February 1st at Texas Strength Systems.