The Mighty Indian Symphonic Band performed at Pleasanton in front a panel of judges yesterday the 28th. There were two parts of the competition one which is the concert portion and the other is the sight reading portion where the director gets a limited time to teach a piece of music that the band has never seen before. Judges absolutely loved...

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    Safety Always Comes First

    March 1, 2018

    Busy Busy Busy Bees!

    February 2, 2018

    Prom Invites

    February 2, 2018

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    • prom

      On Saturday February 17th, the Juniors and Seniors had their annual prom dance.   For some, it was their first prom, for others, it was the...

    • Busy Busy Busy Bees!

      Life in Jourdanton High School has been pretty relaxing as long as you are not involved in FFA, band, color guard, or any sport ever. The busiest p...

    • An Inconceivable Combination

      Rain and coldness do not go together especially in a hot place like South Texas. It has been cold since the beginning of November and I think it go...

    • Student Life at JHS

      Student life at JHS is just like other teen's life attending any other High School. You have the drama, the nosiness, and the stress of fitting in. At...

    • School Lunch

      School lunch at Jourdanton High School is not very good and many people say this, too. Lunch has not tasted good for a good long time. The burgers ...

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