Jourdanton High School Counselor

I interviewed Jourdanton High School counselor, Mrs. Marie Fanno and I have to say I learned quite a few things about her. I now know that her favorite number is 3. Also her favorite food is pizza which is pretty cool cause that happens to be my second favorite food. The last thing I have learned about her is her favorite color is red which is pretty... Read more »



    Cappi Kitterman and Janet Dow

    M. Night Shyamalan's "Split" tops the box office in its first weekend making $40.1 million. The PG-13 movie "Split" about 3 teenage girls who are kidnapped by a man with 23 different personalities; made roughly $40 million...  Read More »

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    Trump Is Now President

    Cappi Kitterman, Journalist

    Friday January 20th 2017 Donald J. Trump officially became the 45th president of the United States. Trump made many promises in his inaugural address that he wrote himself, about what he will do throughout his presidency;...  Read More »

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    In Memory of Madison & Tanner McCleary

    Janet Dow, Journalist

    On Wednesday, January 18th, 2017, Madison and Tanner McCleary were involved in an early morning car accident on their way  to school. Unfortunately, the accident was fatal for the two McCleary children. The accident was...  Read More »

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    Bailey Jones, Staff Writer

    Powerlifting has finally started. The team began their season on January 21 at Uvalde and since then has been preparing for their upcoming meet on January 28, 2017 to be held in Poteet. Good luck!

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    Student Life

    Coming Together As A Family

    Lauren Willson , Alexis Welch, Staff Writer

    The week of January 18, 2017 hit everyone hard. Losing two peers to something tragic is heart breaking and very hard to handle. Jourdanton High School will never be the same. We go to school with hundreds...  Read More »

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    Its That Time of Year Again!

    January 11, 2017

    Missie Garcia In Her Natural Habitat

    December 13, 2016

    Christmas Break

    December 8, 2016

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    • Kids should wait for cell phones

      How old should you be when you get your first phone?  Some parents are now giving their kids who are still in elementary school new phones. These kid...

    • A and B Lunches

      Why should our high school have two lunch periods? Because the lines are long, sometimes there's not enough food nor time to eat. Having two lunch per...

    • Should students have to wear ID’s?

      At Jourdanton High School wearing an ID is part of the student dress code and is in the student handbook. Many students don’t like wearing ID’s or...

    • The War On Starbucks Cups

      Through the years the well-known coffee company Starbucks has found many ways to make their cups look cute to match with the holiday cheer. People all...

    • Relationships

      In the 21st century we have 10-14 year old boys and girls, thinking they are in what they consider a relationship. In reality what should they be expe...

    • We Matter

      Some teachers think that out of all nine classes theirs id the only one that should matter. Us as students have more than one class to worry about. Ju...

    • Parents

      Parents control their kids to keep them out of trouble. What if trying to control them to much is why they act out? Teenagers are always getting in...

    • Taco Trend

      It's lunchtime at Jourdanton High School, so what's for lunch? The answer for most students is actually Tacos from Chile Bandara. With one quick call ...

    • Test Tribulations

      Everyone, it's that time of year once again. Students (a majority of them) are studying, stressing, and cramming every bit of information in that they...

    • All Lives Matter

      Lately in society, all you hear is "black lives matter" and "white lives matter." Why should one race of people matter? All lives matter. Why is race ...

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