Jourdanton High School Counselor

I interviewed Jourdanton High School counselor, Mrs. Marie Fanno and I have to say I learned quite a few things about her. I now know that her favorite number is 3. Also her favorite food is pizza which is pretty cool cause that happens to be my second favorite food. The last thing I have learned about her is her favorite color is red which is pretty... Read more »


    The War On Starbucks Cups

    Lauren Willson, Staff Writer

    Through the years the well-known coffee company Starbucks has found many ways to make their cups look cute to match with the holiday cheer. People all over the world love Starbucks for many reasons, but would one simple cup...  Read More »

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    Elementary Christmas Concert

    Cappi Kitterman and Janet Dow

    The Jourdanton elementary will be hosting a christmas program on december 9th. The local children participating in the event will be sing songs of joy and cheer to commemorate the upcoming holidays.

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    The Christmas Concert

    Janet Dow, Journalist

    On December 8th a Christmas concert will be held in the Jourdanton high school gym. The performing high school band members will be playing songs of the season, the main song of the evening being "Redemption". Our band...  Read More »

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    The End

    Jared kuykendall

    There are only about two weeks of school left. This is very exciting but yet also very sad. It’s exciting because we get to get out of school, can sleep in, stay up late, and do whatever we want because of all the free...  Read More »

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    Student Life

    Meet Kenzlee Wallace

    Bailey Jones, Staff Writer

    I decided to venture through the mind of an eight year old girl in third grade. Her name is Kenzlee Wallace she attends Jourdanon Elementary. I asked her three questions. If you could be any animal...  Read More »

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    So Long Seniors

    May 23, 2016

    Big D Classic Trip

    May 21, 2016

    Area FFA Banquet

    May 19, 2016

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    • Relationships

      In the 21st century we have 10-14 year old boys and girls, thinking they are in what they consider a relationship. In reality what should they be expe...

    • We Matter

      Some teachers think that out of all nine classes theirs id the only one that should matter. Us as students have more than one class to worry about. Ju...

    • Parents

      Parents control their kids to keep them out of trouble. What if trying to control them to much is why they act out? Teenagers are always getting in...

    • Taco Trend

      It's lunchtime at Jourdanton High School, so what's for lunch? The answer for most students is actually Tacos from Chile Bandara. With one quick call ...

    • Test Tribulations

      Everyone, it's that time of year once again. Students (a majority of them) are studying, stressing, and cramming every bit of information in that they...

    • All Lives Matter

      Lately in society, all you hear is "black lives matter" and "white lives matter." Why should one race of people matter? All lives matter. Why is race ...

    • Afterschool App

      If you don't know about the afterschool app, well you're not missing out on anything new.  The afterschool app was created for gossip and trends but ...

    • Foreign Affairs

      On March 17, in the hallways of JHS, foreign exchange students spilled the beans about their experience at Jourdanton High School. Serg, Senior, said ...

    • Students For Principal?

      A couple of students from Jourdanton ISD were asked a question and gave great answers that we all wish could happen. The question asked was “If you ...

    • Crowded hallways

      I don't know about you, but I  like my personal space. Especially when I'm going from class to class and all of these people feel it's necessary to s...

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